Jenny at Prairie Californian

Part of my plan for this show, is to share with you some good, credible resources for agriculture and food questions.

Whether you’re a consumer who wants to know more about where your food comes from, or whether you’re an ag producer, who might get asked some of these kinds of questions, but may not be an expert in that certain type of crop or food. I want to give you a place to go to get answers.

And so I’ll be letting you know about websites and blogs or other places to find the information you’re looking for.

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Marji at FarmHer

Just recently at a Women Stepping Forward for Agriculture Conference, I was lucky enough to get to spend a few minutes visiting with Marji from FarmHer.

She shared a beautiful message during her keynote talk at the conference…in a nutshell? …find what makes you happy, and do more of it!

During her time with us, she also walked us through the images she takes of women … working in agriculture, and reflected on how each of them was doing what made them immensely happy.

I was so impressed with Marji, her understanding of the roles women play on farms and ranches, and her devotion to recording that so beautifully to update the image the world sees….as well as her desire to create a place where these women can connect & support each other.

Her website, FarmHer, is a place to see the images she creates of women in agriculture, but it’s also a place where ag women can connect to support each other, ask and answer questions, and share their love of farming and ranching!

Take a minute to pop over, check it out, and join the community at,

or on Facebook:  FarmHer where you’ll find even more great information about women in agriculture!